Simple Loaves


Pogacha is a delicious soft bread from the Balkans. This one-rise recipe produces a simple round loaf that can accompany any meal.

Polish Rye Bread

This rye bread is made with a 50:50 mixture of rye flour and white flour. The result is a lighter texture than a traditional rye loaf.

Portuguese Cornbread

Not all cornbread is quick bread. This Portuguese cornbread uses yeast and gives a soft and delicious loaf which slices beautifully.

Russian Potato Bread

In this potato bread recipe a proportion of the wheat flour is replaced with potato. The result is a delicious and soft loaf.

Simple Wholemeal Bread

Homemade Whole Wheat bread can be quite heavy but in this recipe I give some tips on how to make your whole wheat bread nice and light.

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread has a very distinctive flavour and has no added sugar, fat or baker’s yeast!

Sourdough Rye Bread

This sourdough rye bread recipe uses only rye flour. The final result is very similar to German pumpernickel.

Walnut & Sunflower Seed Bloomer

In this bloomer recipe I take a simple English bloomer to a new level with sunflower seeds and walnut pieces

White Bloomer

This satisfying white bread is the British version of the European “baton”. It has a delicious flavour but you need to start the recipe before lunchtime!