Simple Loaves

Anadama Bread

Anadama bread is a traditional dark yeast bread of New England made with wheat flour, cornmeal and molasses.


It’s quite easy to make your own tasty French Baguettes at home. Here’s how…

Basic No-Knead Bread

This basic no-knead bread is called a Grant Loaf and can be make in less than 2 hours!


Rich and buttery, light and airy, this wonderful loaf captures the essence of French Bread.


This delicious white Italian bread is remarkably easy to make at home. It’s hard to stop eating it!

Garlic & Herb Flowerpot Bread

It’s easy and fun to make bread in clay flowerpots. This delicious flowerpot bread is made with garlic and herbs and goes wonderfully with soup.

Granary Bread

This granary bread recipe requires a good granary or malthouse flour to give the loaf its characteristic taste.


The Hovis wheatgerm loaf of today is not the same as the Hovis of 35 years ago. In this Hovis recipe I attempt to recreate the Hovis taste of my childhood.

Moroccan Ksra

This simple Moroccan Ksra (or Kesra) features semolina and aniseed and is the ideal accompaniment to a Moroccan Tagine meal.