Buns and Rolls


Bagels are just awesome fresh out of the oven, but when you make your own they’re even better!

Brioche Rolls

These light and soft brioche rolls are great fun to make and are a delicious alternative to burger buns


Buchty (also known as Buchteln or Buchta) are egg-enriched bread rolls cooked in a pan. Use this Buchty recipe as is or as a basis for filled Buchty rolls.

Buttermilk Rolls

These buttermilk rolls are light and delicious and so easy to make!

Cheese & Onion Stuffed Rolls

These light stuffed rolls are filled with cheese and onion and make the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of soup!

Chocolate Bread Hearts

These chocolate bread hearts are simple to make and totally delicious. Great for Valentine’s Day!

Date & Walnut Soda Bread Rolls

These simple Date & Walnut Soda Bread Rolls are delicious and can be made in around 30 minutes. Perfect for dinner parties!


These light and slightly sweet spiral ensaimadas make an excellent breakfast roll. Traditionally made with lard this recipe uses butter for extra richness.

French Dimple Rolls

French dimple rolls are light and have a delicate crust. Not only do they look cute, they are delicious!