French Breads


It’s quite easy to make your own tasty French Baguettes at home. Here’s how…


Rich and buttery, light and airy, this wonderful loaf captures the essence of French Bread.

Brioche Rolls

These light and soft brioche rolls are great fun to make and are a delicious alternative to burger buns


Golden layers of flaky pastry, puffy, light and flavoured with butter is just how the best croissants should be.


Fougasse is a traditional bread from southern France and this traditional Fougasse recipe will give you soft, light and flavourful Fougasse!

Fougasse with Roasted Vegetables

This stuffed Fougasse is utterly delicious. If you only make one Fougasse in your life, make sure it’s this one!

French Dimple Rolls

French dimple rolls are light and have a delicate crust. Not only do they look cute, they are delicious!

Pain Au Chocolat

Light, flaky and chocolately. This pain au chocolat recipe will give you the taste of France in your own kitchen. Includes advice on freezing.

Pain de Mie

Pain de Mie is a soft, slightly sweet bread with little crust that is ideal for sandwiches or toast. It is similar to Pullman or sandwich loaves.