Breads from Eastern Europe


Buchty (also known as Buchteln or Buchta) are egg-enriched bread rolls cooked in a pan. Use this Buchty recipe as is or as a basis for filled Buchty rolls.


Pogacha is a delicious soft bread from the Balkans. This one-rise recipe produces a simple round loaf that can accompany any meal.

Polish Rye Bread

This rye bread is made with a 50:50 mixture of rye flour and white flour. The result is a lighter texture than a traditional rye loaf.

Poppy Seed Roll

The poppy seed roll is a pastry consisting of a roll of sweet yeast bread with a dense, rich, bittersweet filling of poppy seed.

Russian Potato Bread

In this potato bread recipe a proportion of the wheat flour is replaced with potato. The result is a delicious and soft loaf.