How to Braid Bread Dough

Some of the most attractive loaves feature braids so knowing how to braid bread dough is a useful skill. In fact these simple braids can be used on hair, leather and yarns too.

In this video I demonstrate some simple braids from 3 strands all the way up to 9 strands.

The principles are easy to follow and can be extended beyond 9 strands quite easily.

For example for 10- and 12-strand braids you simply follow the principle used in the 6- and 8-strand braids:

“Bring the arm to the middle and pull the opposite leg across to replace it”

For odd numbered strands the principle extends easily as you can see in the following pattern:

Five strands – Over one and under one
Seven strands – Over one and under two
Nine strands – Over two and under two
Eleven strands – Over two and under three
Thirteen strands – Over three and under three

And so on.

There are, of course, many other ways of braiding bread (or hair) but I believe these are the simplest ways and the easiest to understand.

Have fun!