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Making perfect bread is not as difficult as you may think. All you need are some good ingredients, a few tools, my helpful videos and a bit of patience!

Homepage1There are bread recipes from all around the world on this site. Flatbreads, soda breads, fruit breads, sourdough and traditional yeast breads are all here and new video recipes are added regularly. Some breads are very simple to make, like the classic British Bloomer, while others take a little more care and patience. But it shouldn’t be long before your kitchen can be is filled with the tantalising smell of homemade bread.Homepage3

If you are new to breadmaking the videos will help you understand the texture of the dough at various stages during the preparation of the bread. That way you’ll know if your dough is too wet, too dry or just perfect.

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It’s never been easier to bake wonderful bread for all occasions!

Latest Recipes in The Bread Kitchen

Whole Wheat Crackers

Whole Wheat CrackersThis simple recipe will give you delicious whole wheat crackers to go with cheese or dips or just on their own. [more]


PogachaPogacha is a delicious soft bread from the Balkans. This one-rise recipe produces a simple round loaf that can accompany any meal. [more]

Buchty / Buchteln

Buchty / BuchtelnBuchty (also known as Buchteln or Buchta) are egg-enriched bread rolls cooked in a pan. Use this Buchty recipe as is or as a basis for filled Buchty rolls. [more]

Corn Tortilla

Corn TortillaYou don't need a tortilla press to make great corn tortillas. This corn tortilla recipe will show you how! [more]